For Keralites,ONV needs no introduction. We all cried when he died…

ONV is eternal! ‘Harithamaanasam’ proved this truth beautifully and splendidly!The day shouted outloudly that the poetcancross the barriers of regions and generations….such is the greatness of legacy left behind by the legendary poet…! The essence and sweetness of ONV writings are timeless. They are relevant to any time and any occasion. We all know it. ONV Foundation organized ‘Harithamaanasam’ to declare this truth to the world.

It was a day of emotions….emotional expressions…loving memories…sculptured wordings….sensationalrenderings….captivating speeches…mesmerizing musical ‘archana’ –a day that will linger on toeveryone’s memory for years…A fitting tribute to the poet on his first death anniversary.

‘Harithamaanasam’ was a step in the right direction to pass the torch ofONV to the next generation. The ‘Poetry recitation competition’ helped hundreds of children to learn and recite ONV poems. Thousands of people listened to it in the process.

ONV Foundation established the annual‘International Poetic Award’to take ONV further to the world. Dr.CheranRudramoorthi from Sri Lanka was rightfully chosen for the inaugural award and he proved his caliber further with a powerful speech.

The ‘Emerging Poet of Kerala’ award was established toinspire the young generationto take the path of poetry to make this world a better place to live, as ONV did. Arya Gopi was chosen for thisfirst-of-its-kind award. The emotional speech made by her wasapt to the occasion.

The presence of Arab poets at ‘Harithamaanasam’ took ONV further to the Arab world. Their sensational speeches made all of us proud. It was heartening to know that ONV is dear to themalso. They expressed their willingness to introduce ONV to the Arab world by getting him translated.

‘Harithamaanasam’, by all means, was highly successful.


ONV foundation is happy to announce the literary awards for the following categories. The awards are established in honor and memory of the Great poet ONV Kurup, and will be presented to the deserving people in a grand function conducted as a part of the first death anniversary of ONV on 17th February 2017 at Dubai. These awards have been decided to be given to recognize and encourage outstanding poets in International level and Malayalam as well. We are sure that, these awards are going to be a great motivation for the talents in the literary world.

ONV International Literary Award

This award shall go to the poet who shall have done the best literary work for the preceding year in the International level. The awardee will receive a prize money of 3,000 USD and a memento designed by the veteran sculptor Mr. Kanayi Kunhiraman.

ONV Yuvakavi Award

The ONV Yuvakavi Award has been established to be presented to a Malayalam poet under the age of 35 for his/her best fundamental work in the Malayalam literature. The award consists of prize money INR 50,000 along with a memento designed by the veteran sculptor Mr. Kanayi Kunhiraman.

The ONV Literary Awards will be presented in a ceremony to be held on 17th February, 2017 at the Indian Consulate hall. Seminars lead by prominent figures from various fields, unveiling the elements of Socio-Environmental-human values in ONV poems and its intellectual depth, ONV Creative and Cultural Eve etc. have been highlighted to be a part of this one day’s program.


As part of ONV Literary Award ceremony, an ONV’s poems recitation competition has been scheduled for finding the outstanding talents in Poetry Recitation. The basic eligibility criterion for this competition is that, the participants would be students of grades 8th to 12th in the schools across UAE.

Learning ONV poems by heart develop the minds, imagination, and love to Malayalam language. By encouraging students to study, memorize and perform some of the most influential and timeless ONV poems, will be immersing them in powerful language and proactive ideas.

To recognize the excellence, the ONV Foundation will provide winning students with honors ranging from official award certificate, mementos, and books of ONV poems. The program guide, schedules, and the rest of the norms of the competition will announce shortly.